Czhilispiel 46!

czhilispiel 46.png

This weekend in Flatonia, TX, you can get your chili (or, as they say it out there, czhili!) fix at Czhilispiel 46.  The annual Czhili Cook-Off is a 3-day event, but if you want to eat some of that amazing chili you’ll need to buy your tickets for Saturday. Friday and Sunday, admission is free and there’s still plenty to do! 

Central Texas insider tip:  many of the towns in our area have a German and Czech heritage.  That means lots of extra consonants in some of the words, telltale accents, and a strong pride in tradition. If you want to look and sound like a local, listen to how locals say the words before you take a shot.  You’ll be surprised at which letters are silent and which letters…well, let’s just say we don’t really understand how they make the sounds they do.  But the locals know!

Flatonia is a great day trip destination from most of our ranches, and fall is a fabulous time for central Texas road trips.  For more information, visit the Czhilispiel 46 website.