Round Top Antique Show

Photo Credit: James Pharaon Creative

Photo Credit: James Pharaon Creative


This is one of our favorite times of’s Antique Week in Round Top, Texas!  Here are a couple of Central Texas Insider tips so you can sound more like a local and less like…well, not a local:

The official name is Round Top Antique Show, but locals just refer to it as Antique Week.  And while Round Top is the heart of it all, the action starts at La Bahia and goes all the way down FM 237 to Warrenton.  (La Bahia is right where 237 and Hwy 290 meet, it’s 8 miles to Round Top and another 8ish miles to Warrenton. That’s 15+ miles of vendors and shows and deals and food and awesomeness!  If you’re looking for the famed Marburger Farm show, it’s just outside of Round Top on the Warrenton side.)

Antique Week is really almost a month (and the dates change each year)...from around September 15th to October 7th.  The official dates are September 22nd-October 7th, but the locals know that vendors have been setting up along 237 since the second week of September.  

Our friends at have the inside scoop on the show (and everything Round Top-related)--we recommend that you start here before you plan a trip out for Antique Week.

Round Top gets a lot of attention during the Spring and Fall shows, but Fayette County is a pretty amazing place to be the rest of the year, too.  Year-round, you can find great food at Royers’ Cafe, and you can grab pie there or head across the street to Royers Pie Haven for pie and all kinds of great treats! Another great hangout is Stone Cellar—we go there for the pizza, but there’s live music and great drinks, too! We could go on and on about great places to eat and shop (MimiBella’s is a fave, and Old Glory and the Junk Gypsies, too!)

One of the things we love about Antique Week is the visitors.  The rumor is that up to 100,000 people trek through the tiny towns of Round Top and Warrenton (another secret the locals know:  the fun and funky stuff is down 237 a ways in may be called Round Top Antique Week, but Warrenton is a huge part of the excitement) during the Spring and Fall shows.  It’s hard to believe that many people will visit this tiny Round Top, TX town of 90 residents, but if you've ever tried to drive down FM 237 on a Saturday during Antique Week, you would believe it, too!

Let Matt know if you want to take a look at any ranches while you’re out this way for Antique Week or just to visit--he’s happy to show you around (and don’t worry, he knows the backroads).  We know plenty of people who own weekend ranches out this way, and we love seeing them during the Show and at community events like the 4th of July parade. The cool thing about Round Top?  Everyone’s welcome. And if you’re looking for an investment property, this place can’t be beat--with 6+ weeks of world-famous Antique Shows every year, vacation rentals are a hot commodity around here.  

If you have any questions, send us an email at -- if we don’t know, we’ll find a friend who does.  

Kristi Pharaon